140+ Product Enhancements in ILINX 8.6 

More than 60 were requested by our Customer Partners!

New! ILINX Capture Analytics & ILINX Analytics

ILINX 8.6 enables your organization to gain visibility into your business processes, content data, eForms activity, and even information from external systems through “dashboards” created through a simple point & click designer and can be securely provisioned to a user community based on security groups.

Data visualization widgets include various charts and graphs and can be arranged and sized to provide optimal data clarity. Expose filtering criteria to dashboard users to allow real-time tailoring of the data presentation.

Greatly Expanded ILINX Flex

ILINX Flex now provides unified, anywhere-access on any browser to all of the key ILINX suite capabilities for ILINX eForms, ILINX Capture Workflow, ILINX Content Store and ILINX Analytic dashboards. Improvements also include unique themes tied to the individual user, streamlined navigation and  optimized layout for better mobile device operation.

This product reduces reliance Internet Explorer and provides the kind of ubiquitous experience consumers expect today.

ILINX Advanced Capture & ILINX Fixed-Form Capture

ILINX 8.6 brings the addition of a new Machine Learning (ML) document classification algorithm called “Cascading Classifier” which provides the foundation for a new robust out-of-the-box solution for Mortgage document processing. It allows ILINX Advanced Capture to accurately distinguish between a large number of document types that have very similar content and layout characteristics.

Other improvements include new text stamp annotations, create favorites from views and searches, change detection during check-in, simplified email operations, refined navigation, as well as administrative and SDK enhancement. 

ILINX Capture

Enhancements have been made on document version control, image annotations and redactions, assigned work & assigned views, image viewer and capture extensibility framework.

ILINX Capture Workflow extension modules (IXM) 
  • (New) System-wide Custom Server Extension Library
  • (New) Email IXM
  • The AssignEX IXM
  • The Database Lookup IXM
  • The Barcode IXM
  • The SearchAndAppend IXM

A new REST API for ILINX Capture and ILINX Content Store makes it easier to leverage the capabilities of the ILINX suite from non-Windows platforms as well as streamlining integrations with other web-based scripting languages. 

And a whole lot more...

Additional ILINX products have undergone improvements and added functionality, including ILINX Content Store, ILINX Capture Email Import, ILINX Release, ILINX Export, ILINX Import, Installation and Upgrade Enhancements, all new in ILINX 8.6.

ILINX Fixed-Form Capture allows you to super-charge your business processes by automating the extraction and verification of fixed-form information.
The system includes a built-in database with hundreds of thousands of common names for quick name extraction verification. There are also options for US postal address verification.
More control has been added to hide/show sections of a form and column widgets based on a user's input.
From the ILINX Advanced Capture Studio application you can now specify rules, configuration, validation logic, as well as pre-production training and testing.
ILINX Advanced Capture now provides an even more powerful solution for automated classification of documents and data extraction based upon a combination of both unsupervised and supervised learning of document types. Classification and extraction capabilities support multiple content types and handle various data formats such as: handwriting, machine print, check boxes, barcodes, and more. Accurate classification and extraction can be performed on structured,semi-structured and unstructured content. Flexible document separation can divide the batch into ordered subsets, change the order of pages in a document and validate the integrity of each document.
ImageSource strives to deliver the most comprehensive suite of Enterprise Content Management products that balance ease of use with powerful capabilities. Every release of the ILINX product suite contains dozens of new features and capabilities that will aid you in creating and delivering solutions to streamline operations, cut costs, and drive competitive advantage for your organization

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About ImageSource, Inc.
Located in Olympia, Washington, ImageSource is the manufacturer of ILINX® software and one of the leading independent integrators of Content Management solutions.

About ImageSource, Inc.
Located in Olympia, Washington, ImageSource is the manufacturer of ILINX® software and one of the leading independent integrators of Content Management solutions.

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