Replace paper and directly inject information into your business processes with this user-friendly,
web-based electronic forms software

ILINX eForms

ILINX eForms enables you to easily capture accurate information from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Its lean engine automates the routing, tracking and approval for data extracted from forms across your enterprise. This flexible platform enables easy form design, quick on-site data collection, centralized form and workflow management. (handles unstructured data, ICR on fly, handwriting convert to digital)

Immediately access information from the source to propel your business forward

Electronic forms that quicken business cycles

Quicken business cycles

ILINX eForms boost workforce productivity

Boost workforce productivity

Increase data accuracy

gain a competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge

electronic forms provides offline data capture capabilities

Robust offline data capture capabilities

electronic forms provide real time reporting

Real-time reporting

ILINX eForms Product Sheet

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A powerful solution for creation and deployment of electronic forms

ILINX eForms is the complete solution for you to design, capture, and manage all the forms you use in your business or organization everyday

  • Paper-like formatted forms on iPad, Android & mobile web forms
  • Supports multi-photo capture, free-form ink, audio, checkboxes, picklists, barcodes, GIS/GPS coordinates and database look-ups
  • Speed up business processes by eliminating data entry mistakes and rework, saving time & resources
  • Easily integrate captured data with your business process systems

Benefits & features

Data In

  • Extend any capture platform with ILINX eForms on the front line
  • Integrate with systems of record to perform database lookup and validation
  • Supports multi-photo capture, supports annotations
  • Capture free form ink: notes, signatures & diagrams
  • Supports barcode scanners (via keyboard wedge) and RFID
  • Integrate mobile web forms into your own application supporting web-service integration

Data out

  • Securely transmit extracted information to document management, production workflow and line-of-business applications
  • Easily export data in XML, CSV, PDF, TIFF and many more
  • Print forms at point-of-capture

True enterprise-class eForms

  • Easily deploy and scale as your organization grows
  • Active Directory integration
  • Built-in test mode allows you to test eform scripts before implementation
  • Integrates with any business system

Customizable workflow & validation

  • WYSIWYG designer builds forms optimized for all devices
  • Define work queues and assign user/group permissions
  • Create and modify form routing logic as it flows through your business process
  • eForms API allows form customization at filing time
  • Full control of all aspects of user interaction with the form
  • Easily search and pull information from existing record systems
  • Point-and-click authoring of validation rules

Secure Data

  • Encrypted templates & sessions
  • Audit trails (date, time, user) for all captured data
  • Secure routing based on form content
  • Password strength enforcement & expiration
  • Customer activity report and history of every session

Reduce costs

  • Reduce operation cost - labor, paper supplies, shipping and tracking
  • Reduce hard costs associated with paper shipping, tracking and replacement of lost documents

Featured Case Study

Superior court of california stanislaus

Superior Court Integrates Document Management For End-to-End Paperless Processes

ImageSource suggested DCCS leverage the tablets and laptops being used in the courtroom by replacing paper forms with electronic forms. Now, attorneys select and pre-fill electronic forms based on case requirements.

Read full case study here >

ILINX eForms Product Sheet

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Get started today

Whether your organization is looking to go paperless, manage digital content or automate document-driven processes, ILINX is the ECM solution for you.

ILINX Software for powerful paperless business processing

An enterprise-class platform for information management, ILINX was designed to meet the evolving needs of your business units. ILINX extends the capabilities of your hardware and software to improve process productivity, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

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