ILINX Records Director

The most configurable, efficient, interactive and trackable public records requests solution for State, County and City Government, Public Safety and Higher Education. 

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ILINX Records Director provides end-to-end automation, collaboration and visibility. 
Mitigate risk by consistently meeting response deadlines for records requests.

State, County & City Govt

Public Safety

Higher Education

Collaborative Web Portal for Records Requests—
Our smart, customizable portal components integrate seamlessly with your website

  • Expose on public facing internet, intranet or extranet sites, 24/7, any device
  • Provide access to public or personal documents
  • Request and receive additional required documentation
  • Access real-time progress on the request/process
  • Process on-line payments
  • Easily configure to brand and match your website
  • Integrate with line-of-business systems and databases to auto-fill, verify and authenticate request information

Smart Records Request Fulfillment—
Complete control with endless options to meet your unique processing needs

  • Confirmations and real-time status updates to requesters
  • Set threshholds for reminders
  • Fixed-Form auto-redaction
  • Push out request to multiple individuals or departments with trackable yes/no radio button response capabilities to help fine-tune future searches
  • Store completed requests in an existing archive or a new smart repository with advanced search and versioning capabilities
  • Save common searches
  • Automated archive search delivers results for previous request packages that meet all or part of request
  • Multiple options for delivery to requestor: public or secured portal interface, Notebook, FTP, zip, email—including payment processing options

End-to-End Visibility—
Improve customer service, refine processes & ensure compliance

  • Improve customer service, refine processes and ensure compliance
  • Both requestors and staff have end-to-end visibility to requests in process
  • Granular visibility settings based on credentials
  • Graphical dashboard configurable to deliver any information vital to your process
  • Track who is requesting and how often
  • Identify trends
  • Audit random document sets to ensure policy is followed properly

  • Set any parameter to flag for review: redactions, approvals of redactions, documents without redaction, legal holds, specific document type, specific metadata
  • Provide comprehensive reports to lawmakers, regulatory committees
  • Produce detailed audit trails, that include, but are not limited to, email correspondence, workflow, etc., and save as PDF or SQL to archive

Flexible Deployment—
Leveraging your technology or straight out-of-the box, ILINX Records Director maximizes value

  • Implement as a turn-key solution, or integrate with your existing technology
  • On premise, Cloud or hybrid deployment options

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