ILINX Capture

A Powerful Web Application that allows you to capture information any place, any time.

A comprehensive browser-based document automation platform, ILINX Capture is designed to streamline the process of capturing documents and information securely and confidently. ILINX Capture is a great tool for both ad hoc and production scanning and indexing. It is process enabled to distribute capture from scanning and indexing to approval and storage.

  • Capture documents easily from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a browser
  • Capture and index large volumes of documents securely and efficiently
  • Automate complex capture and indexing tasks
  • Import and process email, faxes and business documents
  • Ensure corporate compliance by managing and monitoring incomig documents
  • Easily integrate with third-party and legacy systems

Product Capabilities

  • Allows access to any user ¬†on your network from browser
  • Captures from variety of sources
  • Low to high volumes
  • Advanced indexing and validation
  • Images automatically cleaned and enhanced
  • Server side automated document processing automates extraction and classification of data
  • Easy to manage workflows
    • No code required to deploy workflows
    • Enables monitoring of processing activities
    • You can define business rules and automate decisions
    • Provides audit trails and logging information
    • Delivers processed data into variety of back-end systems; databases, workflow, EDMS, email and ECMs


  • Thin-client platform is easy to deploy and maintain
  • Requires minimal training
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • No page count licensing
  • Supports distributed and centralized environments
  • Streamlines business processes
  • Improves accuracy of information delivered
  • Image enables line of business applications
  • Extends capabilities of ECM systems
  • Quickly and securely incorporates extracted information into document management, production workflow and your line of business applications
  • Significant labor cost savings