ILINX 7,0 ECM Software Release

What's new in ILINX?

Information management software that is faster, simpler, smarter.

Exciting new development has gone into 7.0 release of ILINX products. Below you'll find new features and enhancements that extend the power of ILINX software.

ILINX Capture 7.0 new features

ILINX Capture workflow views:

  • Workflow views provide the ultimate workflow presentation flexibility along with completely tailorable security, both of which can even include external data.
  • The new view settings allow you to create group-specific segregation and security for work items within the same human activity.
  • You can also use external data from another line-of-business system, financial system, CRM database, etc. to filter workflow items within your views.
  • For example you might create a view for your senior processors that only shows them workflow items for your top 100 customers. The criteria for determining whether a customer is in the top 100 is built into your view, but can come from your external CRM system. Another example would be a view that includes a "paid status" field that is displayed within your ILINX workflow view, but the actual value for the field is pulled directly from your financial system.

ILINX Capture Advanced workflow threshold:

  • Workflow thresholds can be constructed directly from within the ILINX Capture user interface in either VB .NET or C#. You may also choose to build a workflow threshold using the Microsoft Visual Studio starter project provided with the product.
  • Thresholds can do almost any type of interesting tasks and have full programmatic access to the batch and documents. Thresholds can send a notification email, call a web service, send an SMS text, create a document, move the workflow item to the next step in the workflow, etc.

Leverage ILINX Content Store applications for ILINX Capture batch documents:

  • Leverage ILINX Content Store applications within your ILINX Capture batch profiles to store captured documents.
  • Using ILINX Content Store application within a batch profile, content that is captured into a batch is immediately available within Content Store.

ILINX Capture Mobile App:

  • Database lookups for field values
  • Database-driven picklists
  • Regular expression validations
  • All field types, including tables

ILINX Content Store 7.0 new features

ILINX Content Store views:

  • ILINX Content Store views are very similar to the ILINX Capture Views, ILINX Content Store allows you to create group-specific segregation and security for content within the same ILINX Content Store application.

ILINX Content Store flex client built-in PDF viewer:

  • ILINX Content Store Flex interface provides ubiquitous access to ILINX content across all popular platforms and browsers. One of the key new features is a built-in PDF document viewer capability.

Additional ILINX 7.0 product features

ILINX Import

  • New features to facilitate easier Oracle IPM 10g migrations
  • Metadata generation and consumption enhancements
  • Ability to import and assign annotations to images when importing ILINX Content Store
  • Ability to import and assign document comments when importing to ILINX Content Store

ILINX Format Converter

  • Ability to generate jpeg compressed TIFF images for smaller-sized images

ILINX Release

  • Enhanced and updated FileNet support

ILINX Export

  • Retention Management improved document destruction auditing and interface usability

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