Migrating Content-The Road Trip

You’ve decided to migrate your content from the repository (or ECM, or Document/Data Capture Solution) you’ve had for decades to a new platform. It’s a bit like deciding to drive your family to the Grand Canyon for a vacation. Easier than it used to be. No stopping at AAA for maps, no plotting the course and hoping there’s a safe motel available when you arrive. You’ve got a robust data plan, Google Maps, Hotels.com, all of it easily managed with no landline for miles.

But you still have to do the drive. The kids are still in the car seated next to each other, within fingers reach, you run out of things to say to your spouse, and something will go wrong. Flat tire perhaps?

Imagine your organization easily chooses the right new platform. Is your current hardware compatible? You’re going virtual-Does the cloud provider meet your organization’s security standards? Does your ECM system have connectivity with the new destination? Is there an email or document sharing integration? Are there security mechanisms in places to prevent external sharing by document type or user? Internal sharing controls? Do you have collaboration needs/utilities to enable? Can that ancient system no one is ready to replace get documents or data into your new system?

Are we there yet?