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Accelerate AP processing with paperless approval and payment processing

ILINX offers several levels of automation for Accounts Payable processing. Our solutions provide optimal ROI and payback for your organization. The ILINX platform accelerates your AP processing through invoice ingestion, codeless integration, hands free processing and exception-based workflow routing.

ILINX-optimized solutions meet the following criteria

ILINX Workflow Auto Classification


ILINX Workflow Auto-extraction

Human Efficiency

ILINX Workflow Format Converter

Business Agility

ILINX Workflow Database Look-ups

Continuity & Compliance

The ILINX platform provides multiple levels of processing automation

What level of automation will give you the best ROI?

Accounts Payable Automation: Where you can find the best ROI

Learn which level of automation is likely to yield the best ROI for your AP processes, using lean-but-high powered technologies for capture, workflow and image-enablement. See a unique ILINX Accounts Payable processing solution that will accelerate invoice through-put, reduce costs and improve accuracy.

Extend ECM to accounts receivable and easily integrate with ERP systems

ILINX technology seamlessly integrates ERP systems, allowing information to transfer from ILINX applications and ERP systems. With an integrated ECM solution in place, receivable departments are able to improve debt collection rates, facilitate better vendor relationships, increase cash flow, effectively monitor transactions and improve the company's credit line.

National Frozen Foods ECM Solutions

National Frozen Foods Gets Greener with Web-based Capture and Agile ECM Platform

With paper invoices coming in to all four locations and then being sent to corporate, the Accounts Payable process was a logical place for National Frozen Foods to roll out the ECM technology.

Read full case study here >

ILINX components that expedite & automate AP processing

Capture & Indexing

  • ILINX Capture: Onboard invoices from scanners, Androids, IOS, desktop, vendor self-service portal, fax and Microsoft Outlook
  • ILINX Import: Collect and deliver content from your Microsoft Exchange email server, fax systems and file systems
  • ILINX Advanced Capture: Perform hands-free document classification, data extraction and validation

Approval & Exception Routing

  • ILINX Capture Workflow: Indexing, approvals, matching, assign account codes, exception processing and all other actions related to the routing process
  • ILINX Format Converter: Transform the disparate inbound content like PDF, Word, Excel, etc. into a single standardized format like TIFF or PDF
  • ILINX Release: Deliver metadata and content to multiple repositories, including ILINX Content Store, IBM FileNet, SharePoint, Oracle WebCenter Content, EMC, Kofax

Manage, Store & Integrate

  • ILINX Content Store: Secure, web-based repository for all invoices and documents with advanced search options for quick and accurate findability
  • ILINX Retention Management: Manage your content retention and disposition requirements with a simple setup
  • ILINX Integrate: Configure integration between your content repository and your ERP/financial system without writing a single line of code

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An enterprise-class platform for information management, ILINX was designed to meet the evolving needs of your business units. ILINX extends the capabilities of your hardware and software to improve process productivity, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

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