Are you “Powered by ILINX?”

Organizations are realizing more and more every day the need to reduce paper, automate labor-intense processes and eliminate duplicate tasks. Since we all know time is money, this is important now more than ever. But how do you choose the right technology to assist with this? We hear quite frequently that users are comfortable working within their line-of-business systems and that bringing in a large, complicated content management system will only confuse them. My response to this is, “Are you Powered by ILINX?”

ImageSource has developed a suite of products called ILINX. These products are tools that have been developed by ImageSource because we saw a particular hole in the industry. These products allow our customers to capture information from various sources, connect platforms together and ultimately share information.

One of my favorite products is ILINX Integrate. This powerful products allows users to connect their line-of-business systems with a backend system, whether it be Oracle, IBM, ILINX Content Store, or another product, to allow for seamless passing of information. We at ImageSource use ILINX Integrate in various aspects of the organization, and it’s an amazing product.

Another one of my favorites is ILINX Capture. This capture platform is unlike any other product I have seen. It’s powerful, yet so easy to use from an end-user standpoint. This product is amazing too because it has some workflow functionality built right in. Users can route documents before they even enter the repository.

Those are just two of my favorites, but there are numerous other ILINX products to help with various business needs. Check out the complete list on ImageSource’s web site.

Kristina Parma
Account Executive
ImageSource, Inc.