Maximize and leverage the value of your enterprise data locked up inside static COLD/ERM reports and print streams.

ILINX Advanced Report Management (ARM)

Robust and highly configurable, ILINX ARM utilizes advanced parsing and data extraction to efficiently burst ERM/COLD reports into smaller individual, graphically accurate documents, then deliver them to your ECM repository along with detailed metadata.
In addition to being immediately accessible, the resulting documents are much easier to manage and distribute. Detailed data extracted from the content can support data mining capabilities that are impossible with the raw reports.

ILINX ARM Product Sheet

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Designed to deliver, whenever you require accessibility to documents

service bureaus

Service Bureaus

application service providers

Application Service providers

electronic bill presentment & payments

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payments (EBPP)

content management

Content Management

Archiving and COLD storage

Archiving/COLD Storage

Print management

Print Management

Our operations depends on processing 18 COLD reports on a regular basis, so when we upgraded our ECM system, we had to find a viable alternative to replace the Oracle IPM COLD processor, which has been discontinued. We were able to transition to ILINX ARM without a glitch...

Shell Lemburg, Retirement System of Nevada

Unlock data and reuse the data across your enterprise

  • Robust architecture ensures scalability to meet even the highest ERM report and print stream volumes
  • Highly configurable interface eliminates the need for multiple custom preprocessors
  • With desktop access to all report information, reduce labor and paper printing, courier, and distribution costs
  • Enables a competitive advantage by improving customer service through rapid accessibility, response times and self-service
  • Delivers the most powerful, yet easy-to-use administration functionality
unlock data and reuse the data across your enterprise

Impressive capabilities provide you with maximum control

provide maximum control
  • Output is highly configurable and is written to the file system for consumption by any system
  • Preview input data streams & indexing set up rules
  • Supports font mapping and document breaking
  • Generate custom XML documents
  • Perform electronic document conversion
  • Sophisticated extraction rules and expression processing including relative position logic
  • Modern studio for designing extraction processing
  • Supports ASCII text and 11 other input formats, including: IBM, AFP, Xerox Metacode, PCL, PostScript, PDF
  • Automated processing can generate 3 types of output formats: TIFF, PDF & XML
  • Unlimited overlay/watermark support, including applying different overlays to various pages in a single document

Cleanly integrates with ECM repositories

Production & batch processing

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • Windows
Integrates with ecm repositories

Featured Case Study

Washington State Department of Transportation

WSDOT Migration to ILINX from Expiring Oracle 10g Platform

WSDOT released an official RFP to replace Oracle 10g. It included 265 technical requirements for imaging, document management, workflow, retention management, and print stream processing.

Read full case study here >

ILINX ARM Product Sheet

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