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Fully Automate Claims Processing Beyond OCR

Organizations, from healthcare to insurance to government agencies must process claims that arrive from all points of capture. Because it is difficult to control the scanning process for claims, the result is images of all types with variances of either scale or image resolution. In addition, supporting documentation may accompany a claim form. This makes it challenging to achieve high-levels of processing automation.

OCR and fixed-form capture can be useful tools for standardized forms, but they don't accommodate variation in scale, resolution and unknown types of supporting documentation for claims. If you’re looking to expedite the processing of all claims documentation, advanced capture picks up where OCR capabilities stop.

Advanced capture provides automation far beyond converting images of documents into text. Your advanced capture solution should be able to:

  • Configure itself & adapt to changing streams of documents
    This improves claims document preparation time by drastically reducing the need for human input before, during and after the forms are filled out and scanned. Pages can be scanned in any order, further reducing man-hours spent preparing documents.
  • Measure & improve system performance
    Smart learning eliminates the need for templates or rules-based approaches and requires only a sample data set and output results to train the system for more accurate, immediate results. These capabilities include classifiers, image perfection, variance detection and document analysis.
  • Reduce proprietary knowledge requirements
    Most systems rely on a set of application experts to be able to deploy, maintain and support the business application. Configuration with machine-driven advance capture eliminates the need for specially trained people to be able to maintain it.
  • Complete tasks without the typical time and expense of professional services
    Less document prep, fewer requirements on analysis of documentation and less reliance on external services result in faster throughput. By shortening the time it takes to go live, you start producing savings sooner against the project investment.
  • Analyze documents through self-learning from your tagged samples
    While adapting to the most dynamic document streams, simultaneously measure and improve performance in the background. Your system learns what data is able to run ‘straight-through’ with no user intervention and preserves better than human-level precision.
  • Create a document map with only the click of a button
    By importing a PDF form, your advanced capture should automate mapping fields to the page and set field properties such as data type and name. This reduces hours of work to just one click.

If you'd like to learn more about our advanced capture claims processing solution, please contact us or call 360-943-9273.
ILINX Advanced Capture locates, extracts, and validates any type of information in the document including machine print, table data, images such as logos, signatures, all forms of handwriting, barcodes, check information, and more. Our solution eliminates the need to invest in multiple products, integrations, complex setups for testing and costly programming. It dovetails effectively with ILINX RPA to update multiple systems and expedite decision making and initiatives across multiple departments without requiring human interaction.

Team Unity – Cultivating Productivity on the Field and in the Office

When was the last time your entire organization or department met together before sitting at your desk and going on with your daily work? I’m not talking about those hour long weekly meeting to discuss status on projects or sales reports. I’m talking about a quick and fun, 10-15 minute huddle with your team that sets the stage for each day.

According to a recent Gallup Employee Engagement analysis, when employees don’t feel motivated to participate in the workplace, productivity drops and absenteeism rises. In fact, companies with highly engaged employees showed nearly four times the financial growth rate of companies with lower engagement.

Coming from a sports background and having participated in team sports my whole life, I’ve learned that motivation, unity, morale, communication and feeling loose is key for any team to be successful. I believe you have to be in that mindset every day you step into the office. Every work day should feel like a game day or like you’re going into battle. Everyone on your team should be on the same page and be heading towards the same goal. And yes, every team’s goal may be different depending on what you do, but in the end what really matters is the motivation and mindset of your team while heading towards that common goal.Continue reading

Looking To The Future

As a relatively new product to the ECM industry along side Oracle IPM, SharePoint, and Kofax, ImageSource is making ILINX known to the world. As many of the ILINX applications are based on the latest technology as well as light weight, they work on such a variety of operating systems and integrate with most legacy platforms such as Oracle IPM, SharePoint, and Kofax. Having started with ImageSource only 6 months ago, I have quickly learned how to utilize these products and support them for our customers. ILINX Import, Export, and Integrate are some of the smaller but very powerful tools that are in the ILINX arsenal. Newer applications such as ILINX Capture and the latest application ILINX Content Store provide a very exciting new twist to the ECM industry as they are the only light weight, easy to use content management applications on the market.

Recently I attended the Nexus  2010 ECM convention where Shad White revealed “Project X”. Project X is the latest venture that ImageSource has partaken. Mr. White revealed the Project X is the ILINX Tablet. The ILINX Tablet is a slim powerful tool which is embedded with ILINX Content Store technology. This Tablet allows you to capture files, index, search, and sync all of the content you want while on the go. No more need to stop and carve out time in your busy schedule to index those expense reports. It can all be done at the time of incurring those expenses as easily as texting on a smart phone.

I was very excited to hear that ImageSource was giving away one of the ILINX Tablet as the final giveaway at the Nexus 2010 convention. At the time that the business card was pulled out of the bowl, you could hear the gasp as everyone in the meeting room held their breath in hopes it would be them. As the name was read the man sitting next to me went even more still and all of a sudden started laughing. He won the new Tablet and sprang up to accept his gift.

The customer came back and sat down in his previous seat and was shocked at his luck that day. I sat with to him and as the meeting and the conference was coming to a close and walked through and explained the basics of ILINX  Content Store and how to utilize the ILINX Tablet. In about 20 minutes the customer understood how to use his new Tablet and was on his way out with a smile on his face.

I am so excited to see in the next months and years how the ILINX  tools are going to expand and enhance the ECM industry and our experiences within it.