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Kofax moves to a pay-per-incident (PPI) system. What are your options?

As of August 3, 2009, worldwide technical support via telephone for all versions of Kofax’s VRS has been convert to a pay-per-incident (PPI) system.  Fujitsu offers a toll-free technical assistance support line for all Fujitsu scanners and software during the warranty period.  The scanner warranty includes phone support for Kofax VRS products provided with the purchase of Fujitsu Scanners.  Contact ImageSource for Fujitsu Scanners with VRS and post sales support.

Leigh Woody
Program Manager

So Much Paper! So Little Space!

We have all seen it in one office or another…the rows and towers of banker boxes filling the corner of the room. The outside of boxes try to convey the critical document information such as names, dates, times, etc. but are looking a bit haggard from being moved around the office so many times. The best way to gain your space back is a document scanning solution. There are record management systems using production scanners, Fujitsu or Bowe Bell & Howell scanners. With the help of ImageSource Inc you can have your confidential material scanned and critical information electronically saved. The time you spend now is the space you will gain back to help your company be competitive and efficient.

Barbara Duran
Conversion Specialist

Benefits of Remote Services for ECM Support

Would you land a plane in dense fog without radar?   Probably not, so why can it be difficult to get support representatives of  major software manufactures to dial in and assess critical business ECM servers to aid with troubleshooting?  I recently worked with a large ECM company that told me “Before that occurs ( dialing in ) … the customer needs to have the understanding that all we would be doing is observing the issue and that no troubleshooting or resolution recommendations would occur”.

What kind of a response it that!  I literally thought it was a joke.  I brought this to the attention of the technician’s manager and he agreed with his staff and said to me that in some occasions a remote session is the very first request (and occasionally only info) in new service requests.  He went on to tell me that occasionally something like – “my system isn’t working start a web session so I can show you”.   is frustrating for them because it is easy to get trapped into a complete unknown situation with no measurable exit strategy.  This can turn a quick 30 minute dial up session into an all day ordeal burning multiple resources at the expense of their other customer’s Service Request”.  So, they don’t want to help you because it may take up too much time?Continue reading