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Windows 8 – a.k.a. God Mode

Ok, the title may be a bit of a stretch. But who, at times, hasn’t been frustrated working in the newer Windows Operating Systems, (Windows 7 and 8) due to how some of the file permissions are restricted, such as gaining access to “Program Files”. It’s pretty common to see users and administrators dialing back User Account Control (UAC) permissions, unlocking and assigning a local administrative account, copying and pasting folders back and forth from the desktop to the windows and other system folders, and a myriad of other actions to help deal with some of these restrictions. Sometimes the frustration is compounded when you’re already designated as a Local Admin with full access rights but keep getting access permission pop-ups. Or when changes never get applied with the added annoyance of no real Administrative Control Center to work out of, hence, forcing you to go back and forth making changes.  Continue reading

Serendipitous Cerebration – Part (X = 5-2) of (X+2)

Once we got what we felt was all of the needed information from the client as to their expectations and requirements.  We formulated a solid battle plan, sharpened our keyboards, and forged ahead with a spirit steeled on the principle of “Rat’s Head, Ox’s Neck”.

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