Conversion of Documents at California County Assessor’s Office Creates Paperless Office

ImageSource was the privately contracted vendor for a California County Assessor’s Office that embarked upon a major project designed to create a paperless work environment. The project processed and imaged 25 million pages of file documents. Documents were scanned at the rate of 125 images per minute, 8 hours a day. The County also implemented day-forward imaging rather than filing incoming paper documents. The entire project was completed in approximately one year.

Efficiencies Realized

Enormous efficiencies were achieved. The time to process a deed has been reduced from 65 workdays to eight workdays. An ancillary, but important, benefit received from document imaging is an increase in valuable floor space previously used for file cabinets. Digital Images provide accurate information, quickly assessable to the people that need it. This technology has provided staff with a powerful tool to creatively rethink daily tasks and live the old adage of “working smarter not harder.”

Confidentiality Important in Conversion

To protect the confidentiality of the information contained in the Assessor’s Files, the Assessor’s Office utilized their own staff to prepare all the documents, ImageSource Conversion Services, with strict quality and confidentiality control, provided all the document scaning. ImageSource, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader who has previously provided similar services for a number of public and private entities.

ImageSource utilizes a time-tested tracking system that provides multi-stage accountability of all documents during conversion, which can be customized to meet the unique requirements of any project. Utilizing standards like our strict document prep protocol, we are able to guarantee that documents will be converted on time, accurately and completely and are kept secure throughout the conversion process.

Debbie Horton
Communications Director