Converting Image Files

At some point there is going to be a need to convert an Imaging Systems image files from one format to another format when moving to a new Imaging system.  ILINX® Import can be used to handle the conversion.

ILINX® Import can be used to convert TIFF files from one format to Group 4 formats as I had to do recently for a large customer.  The TIFF files were exported from an older imaging system and were to be imported into Oracle I/PM.  However, the TIFF format was not compatible with Oracle I/PM and so therefore had to be converted.

The following screen shot shows that ILINX® Import can convert a TIFF file into a Group 4 format and also convert the image resolution to a fixed value.  In this case it is 400dpi since the original images were done poor quality.

Once the setup was done it was just a matter of copying the Tiff files into the target folder and allowing ILINX® import to process them automatically and output the converted Tiff files to an output folder.  Now that the Tiff files were converted it was a simple matter to setup and have Oracle I/PM import them.


Christopher J. Hillenburg
Senior Systems Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.