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Extend your paperless initiatives in ways that single solution software cannot

ILINX DMS will extend the power of your Case Management System. Automate the secure collection of information through multiple channels and process with intuitive workflow. Your ILINX DMS will enable collaboration and sharing with other departments, justice partners and through public access portals.

Only an ILINX Document Management System can make your courtroom and ancillary departments
fully paperless & automated

Capture & collect critical information

  • Faxed documents
  • Email messages & attachments
  • Web forms
  • eForms
  • Scanners & MFPs
  • Electronic documents

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Automate & control processing of data to meet specific needs

  • Highly configurable workflow
  • Auto-populate data in forms
  • Auto-populate metadata on incoming documents
  • Hands-free processing

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Enable secure access inside & outside your organization

  • One repository for all departments
  • Justice partners submit and access information
  • Public access on kiosks
  • Public access via a secure web portal
  • Multiple users can access a document at the same time
  • Fast & accurate search

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Integrate data & documents with internal & external systems

  • Populate web calendar with documents needed for upcoming hearings
  • Push & pull information between DMS & CMS
  • Integrate data from any & all line-of-business systems
  • Seamlessly process State eFilings

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A California County Court takes an enterprise approach to Document Management System

Learn how the Superior Court of California, Stanislaus County has implemented a paperless case processing solution that includes:

  • Web Calendar integration with documents in their ILINX DMS repository
  • Electronic forms that are completed, validated, signed and eStamped real-time during hearings
  • The exchange of data between ILINX DMS and the Case Management System
  • Public and justice partner access to documents on kiosks in the lobby
  • Remote access to case documents for Justice Partners
  • eFiling

Your blueprint for a completely paperless courtroom

Clerks & Administration

The core of the paperless court includes a robust repository, imaging, workflow and a seamless integration with your Case Management System (CMS).


A Web Calendar that integrates with your repository, CMS and databases allows judges and clerks to view related case documents for scheduled cases without leaving the interface. Flexible viewing options allow Judges to configure to their liking.

Electronic forms on tablets are completed during hearings with e-signatures and e-stamping.

State Agencies

Submissions through eFiling are processed with just 2 clicks: ingest, approve and package with associated documents and sent back to the agencies for ingestion into their system.

Justice Partners

Partners with security access are able to contribute and view case documents electronically. This allows Judges to see real-time information as it's contributed, even while a case is being heard.

Public Viewing

Constituents and business partners are able to view case documents at kiosks and web portals, while protecting sensitive documents with built-in security.

Superior Court of California Stanislaus

Learn how ILINX solution offers cost-effective path for Superior Courts to replace paper-based processes with robust, scalable and easy-to-use functionality to automate not only courtroom processes, but any information process, in any department, from Fiscal to HR.

Read full case study here >

Maximize your ROI—Extend your courtroom solution to every department and Justice Partners

An ILINX DMS allows you to connect your whole enterprise, and even external business partners, for a seamless exchange of data. Extend your investment beyond an optimized courtroom to automate any other business process.

  • Accounts receivable can be part of a workflow process generated by a court hearing, streamlining the collection of fines and fees
  • eForms technology utilized in the courtroom can also be used to make HR onboarding of employees faster and more accurate
  • ILINX electronic stamping functionality can be used outside of the court approval process to include invoice, HR and other document approval processing
  • Payroll, expense reports and time-off requests can be automated using web forms, workflow and the repository

    ILINX electronic, paper-like forms deliver signed, stamped and validated documents, real-time

    ILINX eForms replace manual, paper forms processing with electronic forms that can be completed accurately and routed during hearings.

    • Generate forms prior to hearings and complete right in the courtroom on tablets and desktops.
    • Forms accept e-signatures
    • Auto-fill form fields through integrations with databases
    • eForms have many time saving tools, such as pop-up calendars
    • Commonly used verbiage can be selected from dropdown lists, allowing long complicated forms to be filled out quickly and correctly
    • Prompts require that all fields are completed, and will disable submittal until all information is complete with data, signatures, etc.
    • Once submitted, forms are available immediately
    • Forms are easily distributed electronically to justice partners, eliminating the need to print copies on site

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