If You Don’t Have Time to do it Right the First Time, When Will You Have Time to do it Over?

Growing up, we learn that it’s important to plan for certain events. We plan for moving, vacations, presentations, and even certain disasters. Planning for an IT project is just as important. I recently saw a statistic that said 62% of all IT projects fail to meet their stated goals, and that more than 50% of all Enterprise Content Management projects fail. This means that it’s more important than ever to make planning your Enterprise Content Management projects top priority.

Luckily, ImageSource has a process in place to help with this. It’s called the ECM ECOSYSTEM™. This is an engagement allows ImageSource project teams to work with your teams to learn your organizational objectives, map out the challenges you face, identify processes and content pain points, and help you develop a road map with the recommendations necessary to help you meet your goals and objectives moving forward. The beauty is that we take the time to understand both your organization’s objectives and tactical pain points and what’s driving both.

Even if your organization isn’t looking at any new initiatives in the next year, the ECM ECOSYSTEM™ is a way to strategically map out your “as is” state, identify the desired changes to your identified ECM bottlenecks, and put together an ECM road map with a cost/benefit analysis to help you prioritize and justify projects going forward.

If you are interested in learning more about our ECM ECOSYSTEM™ engagement, please contact ImageSource.

Kristina Parma
Account Executive