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Store & Manage

Securely store, access, edit, share and manage your content throughout its lifecycle

ILINX Content Store

Scalable, intuitive repository with advanced search
and secure storage

ILINX Retention Management

Flexible content retention, approval and disposition

Comprehensive information management that's fast, flexible and feature-rich

ILINX is proof that when you invest in a document management system, you don't have to buy a bunch of functionalilty you'll never use, pay for a prolonged, expensive deployment and then use up more budget to configure it to be congruent with your operations. When you invest in a ILINX document management system, you can expect:

  • Ease of use
  • Superior extensibility
  • Quick deployment
  • Granular control
  • Straightforward connectivity
information management that is fast, flexible and feature-rich

Improve productivity and unleash your revenue growth

improve productivity and unleash your revenue growth

The case for investing in content management is universal: to reduce the time, cost and complexity associated with storing, locating and collaborating on documents and data. ILINX was designed to help you amplify these benefits, through a small footprint, and provide cost/time saving features and capabilities. By magnifying operational advantage, ILINX provides an ideal tool to help your revenue growth soar.

Mitigate risk through granular security, visability and retention management

Business risk can have many forms, depending on who you talk to. ILINX provides comprehensive tools to help you stay compliant and mitigate risk on many levels.

  • Control access through fine-grained security and “Views” and centralized management
  • Improve access through superior search with multiple options
  • Perform auditing with ease—automated or on demand
  • Eliminate lost and duplicate files
  • Automate records retention and disposition
  • Enable proactive decision-making
  • Improve inefficiency to enhance your overall financial health
  • Meet compliance with your information governance policies
stay compliant and mitigate risk

More bang for your buck than other information management systems

We have yet to meet a customer that likes to pay top dollar for functionality that they'll never use. What they like even less is to pay for months of professional service fees to get their system up and working.

What gives ILINX such a favorable cost-to-benefit ratio?

  • ILINX is nimble, providing exactly what you need to effectively store and manage your content—without the excess baggage
  • ILINX is so simple to use, manage and extend in your enterprise. What you used to pay integrators to do, you can now accomplish with your internal IT team


Centralized Security

  • Configurable applications, index values, user groups and permissions

Built-in Capture

  • Drag & drop from desktop, scan paper, import digital assets and take photos

Indexing & Search

  • Supports configurable data types
  • Multiple search options
  • Saved searches and more

Viewing & Editing

  • View and edit files in viewer
  • Manipulate, append and compare images side by side

Versioning, Collaboration & Sharing

  • Store versions of documents with history thread
  • Collaborate and comment

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ILINX Software for powerful paperless business processing

An enterprise-class platform for information management, ILINX was designed to meet the evolving needs of your business units. ILINX extends the capabilities of your hardware and software to improve process productivity, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

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