Simply send indexed email & attachments to your ECM system
directly from your email client

ILINX Capture Email Import

With a simple right click of your mouse, ILINX Capture Email Import allows you to contribute and index single or multiple email messages, including attachments, to your ECM system.

ILINX Capture Module

ILINX Capture Email Import Product Sheet

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Flexible Content Capture

  • Provides ad-hoc capture of email and related content
  • Ability to capture content from email fields
  • Email subject
  • Sender
  • Recipient(s)
  • Date received
  • Email body & attachments
  • Attach image annotation

    Robust email workflow process

    • Drag and drop files from your desktop to combine with email content
    • Capture multiple data types
    • Inject directly into ILINX Capture Workflow
    • Enables mixed content types to be saved within a document
    • Attach and use native email files (.eml or .msg)


    • Automated database look-ups during indexing
    • Automate email extraction from your email client
    • Comprehensive indexing, classification & validation processes
    • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory
    • Communicates with scanner to immediately attach associated documents to email document
    • Enable authentication-based processing
    • Ability to create custom indexing forms
    ILINX Capture Email Import Platform

    Featured Case Study

    State of North Dakota ECM Solution

    State of North Dakota Economically Meets Distributed Capture Needs Across Multiple Agencies with Enterprise Services Solution

    After North Dakota compared several technologies the decision weighed heavily in favor of ILINX Capture.
    North Dakota runs SQL server, which supports .NET framework.

    Read full case study here >

    ILINX Capture Email Import Product Sheet

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