Enabling Full-Text Search in ILINX

I recently enabled full-text on an ILINX system and thought it would be a good idea to share the procedure here. ILINX leverages the MSSQL full-text capabilities so the process is mainly a matter of making sure everything is setup properly on the database side. Here are the steps I followed.

1.     Confirm Full-Text is installed and enabled on the SQL server

First I had to determine if Full-Text was installed on the SQL server. To do this I executed the following query:

select fulltextserviceproperty(‘isfulltextinstalled’)

If the query returns a ‘1’, full-text is installed on the server.

Next, I needed to confirm that full-text is enabled for the ILINX Content Store database. To do this I executed the following query against the ILINX Content Store database:

select DatabaseProperty(‘db_name’, ‘IsFulltextEnabled’)
as Is_Fulltext_Enabled , ‘db_name’ as DBName

If the query returns a ‘1’ for the database, full-text is enabled.

2.     Install the Full-Text Search IFilters

Install the Windows TIFF IFilter. In Windows Server 2008 this is done via Features in Server Manager. In the Add Features Wizard, select the Windows TIFF IFilter, and Install.


Install the Microsoft Office Filter Pack. There is also a Service Pack that should be installed. The installations can be downloaded from here:



Install the Adobe PDF IFilter. The installation can be downloaded from here:


3.     Register IFilters with SQL

To register the IFilters with SQL, execute the following query:

exec sp_fulltext_service ‘load_os_resources’, 1;

exec sp_fulltext_service ‘verify_signature’, 0;


At this point the SQL Server must be restarted.

You can list the file types registered for full-text by executing the following query:

exec sp_help_fulltext_system_components ‘filter’

4.     Enable content Full-Text in ILINX database

The next step is to configure the ILINX database to full-text the documents checked into the system. This is done via SQL Management Studio:

Go to ILINXDatabase > Storage > Full Text Catalogs > ILINXFullText

Select Properties

Navigate to Tables/Views

Select the correct application table from left dialog and add to right with the ‘->’ button. In the screenshot below the applications are named ‘Invoices’ and ‘Sample Application’.


In the Selected object properties for each Application table: Check the BITS value, select English for Language and FileExtension for Data Type. Select OK

Now the database server will process the objects added to the system.

5.     Enable Full-Text Search in ILINX

The final step in the process is to enable Full Text Search in ILINX Content Store. This is done by modifying the web.config file located at ImageSourceILINXWCF. Change or add the “FullTextSearch” value in the appSettings section. The value should be “2”. The key should look like:

<add key=”FullTextSearch” value=”2″ />

Following the above procedure I was able to enable Full-Text Searching for PDF, TIFF, and Office documents in my ILINX system.

John Linehan

ImageSource, Inc.