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What's your strategy for meeting  SEC 17a-4c compliance?

Many financial services companies are scrambling to comply with new SEC regulation regarding broker-dealer records. Our quick-to-implement ILINX Event Tracker provides a reliable tool that will help you meet criteria specified in SEC 17a-4c by creating non-rewritable and non-erasable formats of broker-dealer event records for storage on electronic media.

ILINX Event Tracker allows you to take structured data—data extracted from your line-of-business system databases—and convert it to a non-erasable and non-writable formats such as TIFF, PDF or PDF A. Strategic metadata will accompany your records to storage to enable speedy retrieval during the required time period.

Join other organizations who have expediently solved their SEC 17a-4c compliance challenge. Contact us today to see a demo of ILINX Event Tracker.

Increase customer loyalty and grow market share

Focus more on your customer, less on the process

Automate processes and integrate data with ILINX to allow your customer-facing knowledge workers to provide more personal and immediate customer service.

Respond quicker to any request

Access critical information faster, process requests and inquiries faster, make better decisions faster, lock in opportunities faster.

Increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunity

More face time means representatives will have time to find out where a customer's needs intersect with your offerings, increasing customer lifetime value and customer share-of-wallet.

Consolidate data for improved customer service

Pull data from multiple systems and deliver in a single interface for your knowledge workers. Codeless integration with any system allows your workers to access data while staying within their home application.

Use analytics to know your customer better

Integrate data from multiple systems to analyze where you have an opportunity to extend services. Gain visibility into your processes to see where you can streamline to better serve your customer base.

Enable efficiencies that will positively impact your bottom line

Ingest secure data real-time, at the point of transaction

  • From the internet
  • On any tablet
  • Any mobile device
  • Hands free processing

Integrate data from all systems to optimize Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Extend the reach and power of your ERP or any existing system
  • Integrate with your existing systems without a single-line of code
  • Workers access data from within one familiar application

Self-service reduces labor requirements

  • Get timely and accurate information directly from your customer
  • Customer and employees utilize portals and secure forms to submit information
  • Automatic email reminders keep processes moving
  • Utilize kiosks at physical locations

Have the right information at your fingertips when you need it

  • Control access, visibility and actions for each user or group
  • Utilize Active Directory permissions
  • Powerful search options include global, full-text, advanced and saved searches

Meet compliance and regulatory policies

  • Improve risk and regulatory reporting
  • Information security & IT governance
  • Meet SEC, Dodd-Frank Act, SOX, and many more regulatory compliance
  • Automatically convert document formats upon import or during workflow

Automate, automate, automate

  • Automatically ingest and trigger workflow for files as they come in via fax, email, etc.
  • Get information into your systems quicker to accelerate money inflow and increase profits
  • Let ILINX identify what kind of document comes in and extracts the data from it and start a workflow
  • Configure automatic email alerts for action, inaction or an exception
  • Automatically convert document formats upon import or during workflow

Save time, improve accuracy and eliminate human interaction with these featured solutions

  • Capture email on demand
  • Document exchange portal
  • Hands free processing
  • Automatic document import
  • convert document formats
  • distributed capture

ILINX Import reliably imports from, and releases content and attachments to, multiple systems. It includes full auditing / logging capabilities, modules to improve image quality and upload documents from a website.

ILINX Import Job Configuration

Compliance made easy

Auditing, reporting & analytics

With increasing regulation over financial service business activity, a robust and well-designed ECM system greatly mitigates risk around the ability to produce critical information for your specific needs.

Through the entire lifecycle of your documents and data, from capture to disposal, ILINX provides tools for process intelligence and discovery.

As you navigate an increasingly complex content landscape, ILINX provides visibility, and quickly enables the delivery of information, both on demand or as a scheduled event.

  • Track adherence to operational best practices
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Package and deliver documents in a variety of unique ways

Records retention

Limiting liability is usually the primary driver to implement a solution, and the right Retention Management solution can positively impact your bottom line through savings in labor hours and overhead expenses.

 ILINX provides a streamlined alternative to complex and expensive records management systems. From creation to disposition and final destruction of your documents and data, ILINX Retention Management replaces manual retention practices with an automated solution for the proactive management of your records. 

  • Robust auditing and approvals
  • Easily configure without custom code
  • Flexible options for processing content based on simple or sophisticated criteria

An executable action plan

Our proven ECMECOSYSTEM® methodology allows us to find ways to go above and beyond in every engagement. This level of service results in a long-lasting business relationship that consistently exceeds expectations.

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