Getting the Most Out of Your Image

In the ECM industry where quality and consistency are key, it is important to know the tools and resources that can be utilized to ensure legibility of your organizations documents. I have found that when it comes to image quality that even a little change can make a big difference.

There are four major settings that can be used to adjust the quality of an image:

  • Contrast: Affects the sharpness of detailed images as well as the edges of the document.
  • Brightness: This is essentially the brightness of the document background. It is best used for major adjustments on very dark or light images to bring out as much image content as possible.
  • Gamma: Increasing the gamma can help to darken image content to a much more legible state.
  • Sensitivity: This is the main setting used to darken as well as lighten images. The lower the sensitivity the more content is darkened in the image. Subsequently, background noise is also enhanced, which can cause a document to become hard to read leading to the possibility of rejection.

In closing, images that are processed throughout your organization will often times require adjustments to ensure quality and consistency. By remembering these simple adjustments you can improve the legibility and value of those ECM documents when they are ingested into ILINX Content Store or whatever repository you are using.

Darren Banks
Conversion Services Technician
ImageSource, Inc.