I Love Paper!!!!

Untitled-2I love Paper. Yes, I sell Document Imaging Hardware and software that converts paper documents into their digital representations, but I love paper. I love the tangible reminders to go online and pay my bills. What’s that? Exactly, I pay my bills online, so why do I need paper? I grew up with paper. Apparently it makes me feel good to throw out a mountain of tangible junk mail, and it makes me feel important.  Paper is what I know, and it’s what we all know.

People don’t want to be paperless, people want options; like the option to go online and get their information when they can’t find the paper copy, that they didn’t want originally, but couldn’t track it down or threw it out. That is when we care about the digital copy because now it is important to us.

Why wouldn’t we just jump to the simpler electronic copy in the beginning? To quote the late and great George Carlin, “we all just want more stuff.”   Sometimes, stuff just gets to be too much to manage; so much so, that we are willing to try new things. That’s when options are good. I love options maybe more than paper. I don’t want to turn into a relic: one of those people who can’t let go of bad habits.   You have seen them in the stores–they are still afraid of our new plastic world so they make us all wait while they write checks, just like they have done for the past forty years. Watch their faces drop as the cashier scans their check and hands it back to them. They stand there with a shocked look on their face, looking like the physical representation of “What Happened?” Sir, your check was scanned and your bank account was debited, the same way as if you used a debit card. That’s right, you didn’t embrace technology so it came to you; as it comes for us all in one way or another. It’s your option–you got to love options.

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Ruben Kerson
Inside Sales Manager
ImageSource, Inc.