Ignited by Nexus

ignite your informationAlmost 3 years ago I was working as a Management Analyst for the State and I was given the opportunity to attend the Nexus ’07 event in Bellevue. I was unsure what the event was all about and how it was going to be incorporated with my job. A group of us drove to the event and was intrigued with the research that I had done on the event and the number of products that they offered information on. When we arrived we attended the welcome presentation and speaker that introduced me to a new technology for me in document imaging. I knew that we had incorporated a small part of this into the agency I was working for but was unclear as to how it worked. We broke into our choice of four sessions. It was incredibly interesting and helpful. For the next 2 days I found that each breakout session was very informative and at that point I could definitely see how this technology was incredibly applicable to any business in some way. I made notes and gathers brochures and information on different products and ideas that could be applied to different areas of the agency.

Not only did I gather such great information on new products for the agency but I also was able to meet the vendors and product developers for the different solutions. There were opportunities during the mingle times and product demonstrations that I could approach a vendor or representative and share my ideas and they were so informative and provided even more ideas for me to apply.

By the end of the event I was ready to do it all over again and attend different breakout sessions to learn about more exciting products and apply to my ideas. During the drive home I found that I was not the only one that had this kind of experience. Everyone had ideas and solutions and products that we could apply to different areas of the agency to not only save time but money as well.

When I started working for ImageSource I had no idea that the event that I had attended three years ago was put on by … well…. Us. I am looking forward to this upcoming NEXUS ’10 event on November 4-5. Now I will be attending it from the other side as one of the vendors who will no doubt be in contact with someone that is attending like I had three years ago looking for inspiration. For all those readers out there, be sure to register early so you don’t miss out.

Jen Hilt
Support Engineer
ImageSource Inc