ILINX 7.1 Release

30+ new enhancements & features

Streamline each user's UI to enhance productivity, access content on any browser, upload documents from web or mobile with a more robust UI, generate concurrent user reports and more.

  • ILINX Capture
  • ILINX Content Store
  • ILINX Capture Email Import
  • ILINX Import
  • ILINX Export

ILINX Capture 7.1

ILINX Capture Workflow Views allow you to make better business decisions, faster:

  • ​"Prompted" Views allow users to apply additional filtering criteria from within their queue
  • Provides maximum workflow presentation flexibility, along with completely configurable security, both of which can even include external data
  • Leverage external data from other line-of-business systems, financial software, CRM database, etc., to filter workflow items

ILINX Capture adds more control in custom panels

  • ​Create batches programmatically
  • New "save" method for batches and more control over batch and file creation
  • Enhanced extension delivery: performance, simplified dependencies and deployments
  • Access current user data: account, full name and email
  • Hide/show thumbnail, index, and viewer panels to focus the user on the form itself

Track concurrent users

  • ​See how many users have logged on to the system at any given day, using a graphical chart
  • Reports daily peak user activity on both ILINX Capture and ILINX Content Store
  • Save report as PDF to email

Additional features

  • Improved ILINX barcode IXM library
  • Change the "Delete" button label to "Unlink" for the option that removes the link to an ILINX Content Store application
  • Now when the push pin icon is clicked to auto-collapse, the view panel and the client collapses immediately
  • And dozens of new features...

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Whether your organization is looking to go paperless, manage digital content or automate document-driven processes, ILINX is the ECM solution for you.

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An enterprise-class platform for information management, ILINX was designed to meet the evolving needs of your business units. ILINX extends the capabilities of your hardware and software to improve process productivity, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

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