An easy to use, enterprise solution for document classification, document separation, data extraction and validation.

ILINX Advanced Capture

ILINX Advanced Capture is built for businesses that handle high-volume, complex document processing needs. It locates, extracts, and validates any type of information in the document including machine print, table data, images such as logos, signatures, all forms of handwriting, barcodes, check information, and more.

ILINX Advanced Capture eliminates the need to invest in multiple products, integrations, complex set ups for testing and costly programming. An enterprise-grade solution, it is scalable to support high-volume, complex processing needs for any size business.

ILINX Advanced Capture Product Sheet

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What processes are a good fit for ILINX Advanced Capture?

Accounts Payable

Transcript Processing

Mortgage Processing

Customer Onboarding

Mailroom Automation

Forms Processing

Claims Processing

Customer Service

Process All Types of Documents

  • Forms, semi- and unstructured documents
  • Checks
  • Invoices
  • Remittances
  • Mail
  • Semi- and Unstructured documents
  • HCFA
  • UB-04-CMS-1450
  • Receipts

Recognize All Data Types

  • Machine print (OCR)
  • Handwriting: constrained/unconstrained, handprint and cursive (ICR)
  • Optical marks and logos
  • Table data
  • Signatures
  • Barcodes

Streamlined functionality turbo-charges your processing

Complex workflows

Sophisticated load balancing

Performance monitoring


Field-level security

Built-in testing

Sophisticated Data Validation

  • Document-centric
  • Field-centric validation
  • Basic single user verification
  • Third-party audits, post verification

Advanced Document Classification

  • Identification of different document types and individual document boundaries within a batch, regardless of order
  • Dramatically simplify batch processing of mixed documents, such as those that form a business transaction

Signatures, Addresses & Handwriting

Dynamic signature location, verification & matching

Locates signatures on documents and classifies or verifies them against a reference signature database. Extract these signatures for creation of a signature database (i.e. on account applications).

Integrated address location & recognition—
Increase accuracy in batch & ad-hoc capture

Automatically locate the addresses on documents and inbound mail for routing and validation against other documents such as purchase orders, invoices or remittances.

Unstructured handwriting extraction

Automatically locates handwritten keywords to help classify documents and extract data. Includes unstructured expressive or transactional phrases, comments in margins and notes.

Streamlined Testing & Analytics

  • Delivers graphical user interface for real-time testing and results
  • User-friendly interface and built-in testing to manage complex workflows, performance monitoring and automation, eliminating investment in multiple capture products
  • View real-time statistics on batch processing flow, from capture to recognition and validation, in the Capture Report panel
  • Fine-tune data
  • View results of classification and recognition
  • Set confidence thresholds and route for verification based on confidence
  • Review frequencies of user correction to determine problematic documents or content creators

ILINX Advanced Capture Product Sheet

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