Access and interact with content, run workflows on any browser, any device.

ILINX Analytics

Gain visibility into your business processes, content data, eForms activity and information from external systems.

Have real-time visibility to the statistics and data from information processes

ECM Capture & Enhance software

Make informed decisions to increase transaction speeds.

ECM Workflow & Process Software

Identify bottlenecks to accelerate processing.

Reveal business intelligence relating to your electronic forms.

ECM Store & Manage Software

Gain knowledge about your content and how it's interacted with.

ECM Integrate & Deliver Software

External Databases

Expose data from just about any system to enable productivity.

Customize & personalize your user interface with data visualization widgets

Filter & sort data for meaningful reports

  • Dates or date ranges
  • Business
  • Specific part of workflow
  • Groups

Drag & drop designer with multiple widget types

  • Pie & doughnut charts
  • Bar graphs, line charts and area charts
  • Report grids
  • Layout dashboard in rows & columns
  • Themes, filters and legend options

Control over detailed properties

  • Out-of-box or customized themes
  • Title
  • Legend
  • Tool tips
  • Widget height
  • Hover for detailed information in pop-up window

Administrators easily create new & modify

  • Security group
  • Add new widget
  • Select and display data source/sub elements

Control access to and share your results

  • Assign through ILINX security groups—Active Directory or built in groups
  • Set unique reports for groups: scan operators, managers, C-level executives, etc.
  • Download and email reports on demand

View dashboards and reports on any device

Depending on user permissions, ILINX Analytics utilizes the ILINX Flex client to:

  • Expose analytics for any business process with data from ILINX Capture, ILINX Content Store, ILINX eForms and just about any line-of-business system
  • View and easily share reports which allow you to expose, hide group and sort data, move columns and manipulate in multiple ways 
  • Gain visibility and insight into critical information that will improve information processing and help make better business decisions

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ILINX Software for powerful paperless business processing

An enterprise-class platform for information management, ILINX was designed to meet the evolving needs of your business units. ILINX extends the capabilities of your hardware and software to improve process productivity, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

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