ILINX Capture and Content Store Configuration on separate ADFS server

When you install ILINX Content Store or ILINX Capture, generally it is assumed you install the ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) authentication provider and the ILINX Application on the same server.  However, in the case that you are already using ADFS on another server for authentication, it is possible to use that separate instance of ADFS.

The same basic instructions in the ILINX Install guide are followed, but when you modify the web.config files for ILINX, there are some specific things to note.

  1. When changing the URL’s in the web.config, use the ADFS Server for the keys where ADFS is referenced in the URL and use the ILINX server in the keys where ContentStore.svc is referenced
  2. Use the certificate thumbprint values from the ADFS server (IIS SSL certificate for the ADFS site, and the ADFS TokenSigningCertificate)
  3. Depending on the certificate used by IIS for the ADFS site SSL on the ADFS server, you may need to import that certificate in the Computer Personal certificate store on the ILINX server so that it can be found by the FindByThumbprint reference.

This should get your authentication working for ILINX!  Of course, if for some reason it doesn’t work, you can always get in touch with the ImageSource Support department by submitting a support ticket here.

Mike Peterson
Systems Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.