A simple-to-use and highly scalable web-based platform for ad-hoc or transactional capture to full batch-level production operations

ILINX Capture

ILINX Capture automates capture from both paper and electronic sources and enables the information to be transformed into a variety of digital formats, functional data, or both. Using a powerful, easy-to-configure workflow engine, ILINX Capture delivers critical information to the systems that manage your business processes.

ILINX Capture Product Sheet


Six things that make ILINX Capture superior to other platforms

Capture software that is easy to use and design

Ease of use

Simple user interface was designed so you won't need much training, if any, to operate like an expert.

capture system that is easy to deploy

Ease of deployment

ILINX Capture can be deployed in days, even hours, versus weeks or months.

web-base capture software


Access from any location via a browser, whether you're a knowledge worker, administrator or IT specialist.

ECM system that lower total cost of ownership

Lower total cost of ownership

Get your system up and going without extensive outside services for fast ROI.

No page count licensing

Our flexible concurrent user licensing model helps you get the most out of your budget.

Capture software with built-in workflow

Built-in workflow

Complete processing, both basic and complex, before your document is committed to its final resting place.

The most flexible platform for onboarding & processing information

With ILINX you can onboard information at the earliest point to optimize efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. With our flexible platform, you’ll be able to capture during a transaction, support production level operations and automate the ingestion of information from mutiple sources and user interfaces—from mobile to MFP. Once captured, our robust workflow engine maximizes productivity through a wide variety of easy-to-configure settings and extensions.

Designed for flexibility

  • Built on a pervasive and open server platform, ILINX integrates with existing legacy and host systems using standardized development language
  • Capture from a variety of sources; scanners, faxes, smart phones, multi-functional devices, electronic docs, outlook and email inbox
  • Easy to build workflow can precisely model your business logic to any size, scale and level of detail
  • Rapid deployment and effortless adoption allow limitless opportunities to expand to new business processes in your enterprise
  • Extend processing capabilities on the server and client side to customize applications, and leverage external logic and systems

ILINX Capture Modules

ILINX Capture Email Import

Capture email from Outlook with a simple
right click

ILINX Advanced Capture

Automate content classification and data extraction for hands free processing

ILINX Capture Format Converter

Convert disparate types of content into a single format

ILINX Capture Workflow

A robust visual drag-and-drop workflow designer

ILINX Release

Convert and deliver content from any point in the business

ILINX Capture Mobile

IOS, Android and Kindle apps to capture and contribute on the go

ILINX eForms

Direct electronic forms based data capture from any device

ILINX Document Upload

Upload and import files from the web into a specified database

ILINX Capture is good for business

Extend Technology Investments

  • Low total cost of ownership - no page count licensing
  • Allows for significant labor cost savings & reduces costs associated with paper
  • Test-to-production capable - import/export system configurations
  • Scalable as organization grows

Maximize the value of your content

  • Advanced indexing, classification & validation processes
  • Zonal recognition automates the extraction of data
  • Produces PDFs with 100% searchable content
  • Comprehensive, server-side Automated Document Processing performs extraction & classification
  • Quickly and securely incorporates extracted information into document management, production workflow and LOB systems
Capture software extends your technology investments

Built-in workflow with comprehensive set-up, intelligence & delivery

  • Monitor various processing activities
  • Define business rules & automates the extraction of data
  • Analyze audit trails & logging information
  • Deliver processed data into variety of back-end systems: databases, XML, EDMS, ECM & file system
  • Easy to configure workflow designer - simply drag and drop IXM modules in a configuration that fits your business process

Featured Case Studies

State of North Dakota ECM Solution

​State of North Dakota Economically Meets Distributed Capture Needs Across Multiple Agencies with Enterprise Services Solution

After North Dakota compared several technologies the decision weighed heavily in favor of ILINX Capture. ND runs SQL server, which supports .NET framework.

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National Frozen Foods

​National Frozen Foods Gets Greener with
web-based capture and agile ECM platform

With paper invoices coming in to all four locations and then being sent to corporate, the Accounts Payable process was a logical place for National Frozen Foods to roll out the ECM technology.

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MiraCosta College

​MiraCosta College Cuts IT Costs, Streamlines Information Through User-Friendly ECM System

Utilizing ILINX Capture, Student Services staff and seasonal student workers can quickly and accurately scan the applications and deliver them into ILINX Content Store.

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ILINX Capture Product Sheet

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ILINX Software for powerful paperless business processing

An enterprise-class platform for information management, ILINX was designed to meet the evolving needs of your business units. ILINX extends the capabilities of your hardware and software to improve process productivity, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

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