Easy to create and deploy “live” electronic forms for multi-device data capture and smart processing

ILINX eForms

A dynamic user interface for customers, employees and visiting users to submit data, 24/7, via websites, portals, mobile devices and line of business systems for rapid, intelligent information processing.

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Simple has never had so much power behind it

Simple to build

Build custom branded, intuitive HTML electronic forms with our simple drag and drop interface. No need to worry about your technical skills. It just takes a few clicks!

Easy to publish

Embed forms on public website, portals, mobile devices and line of business systems. All of our forms are responsive and mobile-friendly. Robust theme capabilities promote standardization across your enterprise.

Accelerate data collection

ILINX eForms provide a self-service tool for consumers to participate in an efficient and private capture process on any device. Pre-filling form data, conditional logic and robust attachment support help make the user experience even more convenient.

Securely manage

Centrally manage your eForms with robust capabilities: track customer activity, configure secure routing based on form contents, enable selective visibility and multiple forms, use CAPTCHA and IP security, and generate audit trails.

Leverage a powerful workflow

ILINX eForms integrates with the powerful ILINX Capture Workflow engine where it stays "live" to orchestrate routing, tracking, approvals and exception handling.

Rapidly deliver data

Point & click configurations allow input data to populate existing documents, generate new documents in a variety of formats for delivery to document management systems or print at point of capture. Use the device’s camera to create eForms attachments and initiate new document-centric processes. Deliver data to production workflow, line-of-business systems and many other destinations. 

ILINX eForms Product Sheet

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So many options for automation

Easily light up capabilities that will put digital process innovation at the center of your organization

ILINX eForms can be accessed on multiple devices
  • Request additional information or documents
  • Collect payments
  • Resolve transactional issues
  • Trigger alerts & auto notification
  • Collect electronic signature(s)
  • Auto-fill information from databases
  • Pre-authenticate with single sign on
  • Execute calculations
  • Export data for analytics
  • Embed anywhere

Easy drag & drop form design & logic

Accelerate countless processes

Mobilize your Workforce

Expense reports

Time off Requests

Field inspections & reporting




Enable Self Service


Information requests




Enable 100% Paperless Processes

Invoice submittal


Clinical assessments

Scientific data collection


Health history

Initiate and access form-based workflows using ILINX eForms on any browser, any device with ILINX Flex

Depending on user permissions, Flex will support:

  • Customize & personalize your user interface
  • Access approvals for forms on any device and browser
  • Open files attached to forms from within ILINX Flex interface
  • create new workflows and interact with inflight batches using public or secured eForms. 

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An enterprise-class platform for information management, ILINX was designed to meet the evolving needs of your business units. ILINX extends the capabilities of your hardware and software to improve process productivity, mitigate risk and increase revenue.

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