ILINX Export High Availability Configuration

ILINX Export supports the Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) for High Availability.  MSCS provides the ability for a group of independent servers to be managed as single system.  ILINX Export is a Cluster-Unaware Service and relies on the Generic Service Resource Type to manage services as a cluster.

ILINX Export is supported on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 as a Generic Service Resource.

Configuring ILINX Export for High Availability with MSCS

1.  Install ILINX Export on all nodes in the cluster as described in the How To Install section of the ILINX Export Administrator Guide.
2.  Stop the ILINX Export service on all nodes and set the Startup Type to Manual.
3.  Configure ILINX Export on each node to use the SQL Server to store job settings.

a.  Start ILINX Export and click Settings – Configure Job Storage on the Menu bar.


b.  Select Use MS SQL Server database to store job settings.

c.  Configure your SQL Server connection settings.

d.  If this is a new configuration you can create the table by click the Generate new job configuration table button.  On additional nodes you will select the same database and table created on the first node.


e.  Click OK to save the settings.

4.  Refer to the Microsoft documentation on creating a Windows Cluster.
5.  Start the Cluster Administrator and right click on the Cluster and click New – Resource.


6.  Give the name for the resource.
7.  Select Generic Service as the Resource Type.
8.  Select the Group that the Resource will belong to and click Next.


9.  Add all nodes as Possible Owners and click Next.


10.  Add the Cluster IP Address, Cluster Name and the Quorum drive as Resource Dependencies and click Next.


11.  Enter ExportWindowsService as the service Name and click Next.


12.  Click Finish on the Registry Replication page.


13.  You have now completed adding the ILINX Export Service as a Generic Service Cluster.

Bryan Wilhelm
ImageSource, Inc.