ILINX – the new ECM software kid on the block!

Since my entry into the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry in 2001, the biggest challenge that I see for any company is to turn their ECM investment into one that is utilized across the enterprise, and not just for the benefit of one department. After all, that is the whole point of an enterprise system solution. When the whole enterprise benefits, it reduces total cost of ownership and the promise of a return-on-investment (ROI) is realized.

Month-after-month, I come across companies struggling to either justify the implementation of their ECM system, or to do something about their existing, aging system that desperately needs to be updated or migrated.

The challenge for some of the existing ECM systems users is that their original software author was acquired and combined with a number of other acquired software applications. Hence, the vision for the future has changed not just a little; it has changed significantly. This stops further investment, in that the reality of implementing the new vision comes at a steep price. It is also vastly more complicated. The migrating of licenses, the 3rd party supporting software changes, the new skill sets required of the IT staff, training for end-users, etc., all begin to add up. It slows or stops any forward progress.

A similar result happens with companies who are considering their first investment in an ECM system. This can be especially true for those who eventually want to largely control and manage the system themselves. If the total investment is too expensive relative to the benefit and ROI, then it probably means that the software is going to require some specialized knowledge—likely to be very expensive and difficult to acquire. This also leads to an ECM project with a dead-end.

The ECM industry’s mergers and acquisitions over the past decade have created a doughnut-hole effect. There is a vast number of businesses and organizations who want things kept relatively simple when it comes to ECM. At the same time, there needs to be the industrial strength and muscle to scale in growth and performance, while being flexible to take advantage of today’s web, mobile and cloud computing technologies. This combination is greatly missing from today’s legacy ECM software companies. Enter ILINX, the new ECM software kid on the block! Today, there is a rapidly growing number of small, medium and Fortune 1000 companies already benefiting from years of ILINX use. On December 12th, ImageSource will be hosting a webinar to showcase the 5.4 release. Why don’t you come join us and see where ILINX can take you!  REGISTER ME NOW

John W. Smetana | ImageSource, Inc.