RPA — A low risk, non-invasive technology with high ROI


ILINX Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates high-volume, low complexity tasks. Agents (or bots) execute repetitive tasks within one or multiple systems, eliminating labor-intensive human interaction.  

RPA overlays your existing systems, providing new, valuable advantages. Typically, RPA yields rapid benefit realization—often with a 6-9 month investment recovery.

The Value of Robotic Process Automation

Reallocate human resources for value-added tasks and improved job satisfaction


24/7 availability with consistent and accurate results


Ramp up/down instantly to deal with spikes and troughs in demand

Audit Trail

Standardize and fully maintain records essential for compliance

Simply integrate RPA into your existing workflow.

An important advantage of RPA is that it can be implemented without major retooling of each business process. ILINX Workflow simply integrates RPA into your existing systems to mimic the way your FTEs would interact with it.

Types of business process ideal for RPA 
  • Customer or employee onboarding
  • Regulatory compliance reporting
  • Order scheduling/shipment tracking
  • Loan application opening
  • Credit collections
  • Shipment load research
  • Financial account aggregation
  • Customer service: complaints or disputes
  • Supply chain management
  • Insurance claims handling
  • Insurance patient eligibility verification
  • Sales operations

Easily integrate with closed or inaccessible systems.

Our project teams are highly experienced at problem solving to implement on a system with no application programming interface (API). ILINX RPA can also be leveraged to automate shared systems where programmatic integrations are not allowed. Finally, we are nimble at meeting your changing requirements and meeting your specific needs through product innovation.

Simply push and pull—any source, any target.

Push and pull from:
  • Any Windows desktop application written in C++, .Net, or Java
  • Any browser/web application
  • Database or file system
  • Terminal emulator/green screen

Extend automation to exceptions & manual operations.

  • Easily retrieve and transfer information between applications
  • Ability to access and simultaneously view multiple data types
  • Point-and-click set-up gets users up and going in no time

User can simply transfer data using:

  • Floating Tool Bar
  • Hot key
  • Macro
  • Change of data

Fast ROI for any industry

  • Extends the automation of data extraction (OCR) by pushing extracted data into applications in addition to repositories
  • Cut processing time and improves throughput. 25-1
  • Fast benefit realization
  • ROI is typically between 35% to 65%
  •  Investment recovery period is 6 to 9 months

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