ImageSource® Awards Customer Partners for Innovative ECM Solutions

theme imageImageSource recently announced the winners of the 2011 Nexus Customer Partner Awards. The winners all show exceptional and innovative ways of utilizing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies and include San Jose State University, ESCO Corporation and Mira Costa College.

San Jose State University was our first recipient of the new ECMECOSYSTEM® Award for developing a comprehensive vision for Enterprise Content Management implemented institution-wide providing efficiencies and cost savings. As the technology implemented expands out to multiple departments they are seeing the value of their solution increase exponentially.

ESCO Corporation and the Oracle WebCenter Content 11g solution that revamped their Accounts Payable processes won in the category of “Innovation Solution of the Year”.  WebCenter was strategically selected to integrate with the existing Oracle Enterprise Business Suite for a seamless platform. A high percentage of invoices are now processed without human intervention, allowing more invoices to be processed with a fraction of AP Processing staff.

Mira Costa College was awarded in the category of “Largest Return on Investment” due to the cost savings experienced since transitioning from a dated scan, store and retrieve technology to an all-ILINX® platform. Initially saving an estimated $150,000 with their platform choice, they have also seen yields in the form of efficiencies, improved customer service and user adoption with minimal training.

For more information check out our case studies. 

Debbie Horton
Corporate Communications Director