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ImageSource and Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Rapid change, maintaining service and extending our platform.

Like all businesses and individuals, ImageSource has been responding to changing conditions of life and work over the last three weeks. As the State of Washington was one of the earliest and hardest hit ImageSource employees transitioned from working in the office to working from home quicky. I have been a remote employee for many years, and the ImageSource HQ is truly a place I enjoy traveling to and spending time at. I am already missing my monthly trips to Washington, and I am sure my colleagues are starting to feel some of the effects of communicating by phone, chat and web meetings. The culture at ImageSource has always been its strength and we’ve all got to do a little bit more in the coming weeks to maintain it. I am reaching out to coworkers I don’t have a pressing business need to speak with and have a chat. There are so many subject matter experts in our organization and I have the opportunity to get them more engaged now.

The most important result for ImageSource is true business continuity for our customers. There has been no downtime in solutions, no change in response time or the effectiveness of our response to solving and supporting critical business solutions. As a trusted partner for many state and local government entities we see the need to quickly automate solutions that are now considered essential, but previously completely managed in person or through the passing of paper. It’s not an easy time to suggest technical solutions or engagements but our ILINX platform automates and facilitates reaching the members of the community and connects individuals with essential services. We help state and local governments, and other essential businesses maintain compliance while making changes quickly. ImageSource and our ILINX platform can automate staffing changes, program/benefit enrollments and interactions with the most at-need and at-risk members of the community safely and almost instantly, through mobile and SaaS deployed modules.

If we can be of any assistance to your organization please contact us at (360) 943-9273 or