Looking To The Future

As a relatively new product to the ECM industry along side Oracle IPM, SharePoint, and Kofax, ImageSource is making ILINX known to the world. As many of the ILINX applications are based on the latest technology as well as light weight, they work on such a variety of operating systems and integrate with most legacy platforms such as Oracle IPM, SharePoint, and Kofax. Having started with ImageSource only 6 months ago, I have quickly learned how to utilize these products and support them for our customers. ILINX Import, Export, and Integrate are some of the smaller but very powerful tools that are in the ILINX arsenal. Newer applications such as ILINX Capture and the latest application ILINX Content Store provide a very exciting new twist to the ECM industry as they are the only light weight, easy to use content management applications on the market.

Recently I attended the Nexus  2010 ECM convention where Shad White revealed “Project X”. Project X is the latest venture that ImageSource has partaken. Mr. White revealed the Project X is the ILINX Tablet. The ILINX Tablet is a slim powerful tool which is embedded with ILINX Content Store technology. This Tablet allows you to capture files, index, search, and sync all of the content you want while on the go. No more need to stop and carve out time in your busy schedule to index those expense reports. It can all be done at the time of incurring those expenses as easily as texting on a smart phone.

I was very excited to hear that ImageSource was giving away one of the ILINX Tablet as the final giveaway at the Nexus 2010 convention. At the time that the business card was pulled out of the bowl, you could hear the gasp as everyone in the meeting room held their breath in hopes it would be them. As the name was read the man sitting next to me went even more still and all of a sudden started laughing. He won the new Tablet and sprang up to accept his gift.

The customer came back and sat down in his previous seat and was shocked at his luck that day. I sat with to him and as the meeting and the conference was coming to a close and walked through and explained the basics of ILINX  Content Store and how to utilize the ILINX Tablet. In about 20 minutes the customer understood how to use his new Tablet and was on his way out with a smile on his face.

I am so excited to see in the next months and years how the ILINX  tools are going to expand and enhance the ECM industry and our experiences within it.