Replacing your legacy ECM system? Minimize the urgency of your migration

As illustrated in another blog post that outlined a massive Oracle 10g migration, we used a dedicated migration technology, ILINX Export, with amazing results. We migrated 85M documents in just 9 months, which is unbelievably fast. That is about 180 business days that the deprecated system and the new system, ILINX Content Store, were up and running.

The Best of Both Repositories

What if users could access content from either system, even though the decommissioned system is shut down the first day the new system goes live? What if you could allow access to your content in the decommissioned system without requiring a migration? This functionality now exists in ILINX Content Store, the document management system that replaced Oracle 10g in the example above. ILINX Content Store allows you to access the content in your legacy ECM system prior to, or without, a migration. Having these capabilities at your disposal provides important options and can produce significant benefits, such as:

  • Money and labor savings. Oracle 10g demands large teams with in-depth expertise that would have to manage the system throughout the migration, and of course, with no support from Oracle. ILINX Content Store is quick to deploy, configure and manage. As well as powerful enough to handle 85M+ documents. You can stop the bleeding the first day your ILINX system is up and going.
  • Relaxed migration schedule. Be strategic about allocating resources. Users can pull content from the old Oracle system through the ILINX interface at any time during the migration, so migrate on a schedule that best serves your business.
  • Migration on demand. If it’s not imperative to move all your content to the new system, why not migrate documents only when they are retrieved from the old system? It’s estimated that 80% of all documents are viewed once and never accessed again. This option allows you to save storage costs and streamlines the content that you need most.

You Have Options

At a time when large, cumbersome legacy systems are being deprecated, changing ownership, or just cost too much to maintain, it’s nice to know there are exciting new developments in content management software that provide options. As the saying goes, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Ryan Keller
VP of Professional Services
ImageSource, Inc