Mobile Capture: Remote Capture taken to another level

I am on the road quite a bit as part of my job.  While on the road I acquire quite a number of physical paper receipts that I must care for until I submit an expense report to the accounting department.

Over the years I have misplaced a few of these receipts causing headaches for myself and accounting. Lost receipts won’t verify expenditure, so I have to call and get copies.  Nobody loves making or getting this kind of call!

Since I always have my iPhone, I have tried different versions of mobile capture applications.  Some are free; most others aren’t.

I’ve just downloaded a free one. This one was created by the same company that brought us the Award Winning ILINX® Capture ‘Distributed Capture software’ — ImageSource, Inc.-.

For those of you on the road frequently as a way of life, this new iPhone application has extended the functionality of ILINX® Capture to allow Mobile Capture. It is an excellent tool to add to your belt.

ILINX® Capture Mobile:

What sets this mobile capture application apart from other mobile capture apps?

  1. Ease of use
    1. Take a photo (Or use a photo you already have on your iPhone)
    2. Add Index values (Optional)
    3. Enter the email address you want the mobile capture item to be sent to
    4. Hit send
    5. Have recipient check their inbox for your industry-standard PDF file.  (If you entered Index values the recipient will see them in the body of the email)
  2. Other mobile capture applications require you to install an application onto your pc or laptop to sync up with your iPhone to download your captured items.
  3. Now I don’t need to wait until I get to my laptop to offload the receipts from my iPhone

I can now scan receipts on the plane, at my lunch table, at the hotel desk… It’s a great feeling to have this wrapped up before my trip is complete.

The expense scenario above is just one way to use ILINX® Capture Mobile, just think of how many ways your current business process could benefit from the use of Mobile Capture technology.

Robert Gartner

Sr. Systems Engineer


Shadrach White

Well written review of ILINX Capture Mobile, watch for new features and Integration with SharePoint and other ECM content repositories.

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