Moving Content Easily from Email to ECM Repository

Wouldn’t it be nice to contribute content to your Enterprise Content Management system right from Microsoft Outlook? Well, it is possible to accomplish just that with a simple right click of your mouse with ILINX® Capture Email Import.

With ILINX Capture Email Import you can submit single or multiple email messages as well as attachments and complete the indexing in a streamlined and simplified process.

ILINX Capture Email Import capabilities include:

  • Flexible content capture options:
      • Email body only
      • Attachments only
      • Both email body and attachments
  • Automate the capture of the index values:

      • Email subject
      • Sender
      • Recipient
      • Date
  • Inject directly into workflow
  • Advanced indexing, classification, and validation processes
  • Convert file format to PDF or TIF
  • Deliver processed data into a variety of back-end systems

ILINX Capture Email Import seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook. It enables the end-user to capture mixed content types on-the-fly which can be saved in a single document and indexed using database look-ups for expediency and accuracy.

Streamlining processes is at the top of most of our customer’s initiative lists and this is one area where we have seen significant gains. Companies and organizations are looking for ways to ingest content directly from email and ILINX Capture Email Import is a tool that accomplishes just that for numerous ImageSource customers.

April Gentry
Account Executive
ImageSource, Inc.