Planning Applications and Repositories within Oracle IPM

One of the philosophies I have developed over the years is the separation of applications and their image repositories for every application developed. I build a storage volume and a storage class incorporating the volume for each individual application. These do not need to be physically distinct locations, they can be virtual names for the same location such as a Centera device or they can be two different folders on a SAN drive. The key is being able to reference them individually within the IPM product.

The advantage I have found is if there comes a time when the images must be separated, or different purge cycles are desired, these actions can be accomplished from the standard Oracle IPM interface. Also, the individual application could be spun off into its own installation with some work by a IPM professional.

The short term cost in time of building these extra storage class and volume references in my opinion is well worth the potential of not having limited your future actions with the system.

Jeff Doyle

Senior Systems Engineer

ImageSource, Inc.

John Linehan

I agree with this entirely for the same reasons. Thanks Jeff!

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