Main Causes for Image Quality Issues on Fujitsu Scanners

Do you ever get those annoying lines on your scanned images and not sure what the problem is?  The majority of image quality issues experienced with Fujitsu scanners can be easily resolved by the user.  The first thing I would try is to clean the ADF glass.

On occasion there might be other hardware issues that could require a Service Technician to come on-site to resolve.  These include: dust on the optics and underside of scan glass assembly and old or defective lamps.  These issues can also give a back or front Optical Alarm error.

Another possible cause of image quality issues could be scratches on the glass assembly due to staples being feed through the scanner still on the paper.  Don’t forget to remove staples from paper before scanning!  The scratched glass would require a Service Technician to come out and replace that part.

If you think your image quality issues could be resolved with the simple cleaning or replacement of consumables, you can purchase any of these items from ImageSource.