A reliable, easy-to-implement, retention management solution that puts you in control of your content's complete lifecycle

ILINX Retention Management

ILINX Retention Management provides a streamlined alternative to complex and expensive records management systems. From creation to disposition and final destruction of your documents and data, this software replaces manual retention practices with an automated solution for the proactive management of your records. With robust auditing and approvals, ILINX Retention Management is designed to help your organization stay compliant. It can be easily configured without custom programming and provides flexible options for processing content based on simple or sophisticated criteria to meet your specific retention objectives.

ILINX Export Retention Management Product Sheet

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Settings and configurations to meet your specific information governance policies and criteria

  • Easily configure retention conditions with no programming
  • Pre-test your content selection criteria
  • Enable email notifications for success and failures
  • Optionally require a singe or multiple-user confirmation process to approve all changes or deletion
  • Various disposition options for documents that match selected criteria
    • Secure destruction of documents and associated metadata
    • Export content and/or metadata in different formats and locations
    • Modify documents (leaving index metadata in the system)
    • Ability to lock/freeze documents with a specified account for all other users



Replace documents with replacement file (i.e. a boilerplate retention policy)

Lock documents with a specified account essentially "freezing" the content for all other users

Update document index information (i.e. "black out" sensitive information or set to current processing date)

Configure conditions for fine-grained management

  • Select by date conditions
    • Days, weeks, months and years
    • Date received, modified date, or any user-defined date type field
  • Include additional conditions based on user-defined index fields
  • Complete auditing to track documents that have been removed and who approved the processing

Featured Case Study

WSDOT Migration to ILINX from Expiring Oracle 10g Platform

WSDOT released an official RFP to replace Oracle 10g. It included 265 technical requirements for imaging, document management, workflow, retention management, and COLD processing.

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