Right way….wrong way

As with pretty much everything in life there is a right way to do something, and there is a wrong way to do something.  Unfortunately, it is often accompanied by that annoying “grey area” where it “sometimes” works.  This is an ever present problem when implementing and supporting hardware and software solutions.

There is usually a prescribed way of performing a certain procedure.  Installation of a document capture system is a good example.  There are many different ending configurations, and therefore many different options that can selected during installation.  A lot of those options are correctable after the fact, but can seriously hamper the install.

It’s sort of like a maze that you have to drive though.  You know the starting point.  You know where you want to get to.  You have a basic knowledge of the course; you’ve been given a glimpse of the map before.  But if you take one wrong turn how easy is it to correct?  Are there any hidden doors?  Maybe you have to back up to the very beginning?  Can you even find your way out!?  Believe it or not, this scenario does happen.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a co-pilot that had been throughthe maze a lot of times?  Someone who knew what turns to make even before you got there?  This is the job of support – to be the co-pilot, to do things the right way.  Not only there to solve problems, but to help provide directions before you get lost!  So never be afraid to ask.


Mike Peterson
Support Engineer
ImageSource, inc