Rock, Paper, Scissors

rock paper scissorsAs the Fourth of July approaches, we reflect on the formation of our government and the fact that the 3 branches of government are co-equal, as laid out in the first three Articles of the Constitution and several amendments.  If you think of Capture, Content Management Repository and Business Process Management (BPM) they are the three pillars of successful ECM in the enterprise.  Having one without the other does not give the enterprise the full benefit and ROI the technologies have to offer.

Sometimes explaining the value of utilizing all three of these to customers can be challenging.  So, here’s a fun and simple way to think about it:  The concept is best illustrated by the game, “Rock, Paper, Scissors“, which is a game everyone knows.  Depending on circumstances, each application has a chance to provide more ROI than another one, but without one the other cannot truly provide processes efficiencies.  Just like our government and if any one branch vetos or stops a bill.

At the initial implementation of the technologies, eliminating paper utilizing a capture application provides the quickest, most immediate win and the greatest ROI.  After the ROI is immediately received by Capture, the “rock” behind the system, the Content Management Repository is where all the key data and supporting documentation are held and become searchable; therefore providing the next area where customers gain the greatest ROI. Lastly, the scissors, or BPM, slices and dices the content, organizational processes and policies by automating them so the right information is presented at the right time, to the right person, or so that unattended applications, running behind the scenes, increase throughput of transactions.

Helping customers to understand ECM and BPM can be made fun and interesting, ensuring the most value and ROI to the enterprise available.  Enjoy the Fourth of July holiday by celebrating our Constitution the three branches of Government.  And, let the holiday remind you of how ECM can improve you or your customers business!

Michelle Semple
Vice President of Sales and Emerging Markets
ImageSource, Inc.