Scanning Software Configuration Best Practices

With scanning software it is tempting to get carried away and create many different batch class configurations designed to be optimized for specific types of documents. The most common is when you see a batch class created for single page documents and another which uses exactly the same indexes and feeds the same application for multiple page documents. Often times the extra time spent separating the documents out into these multiple piles for input to the different batch classes offsets the time saved by the batch class optimization. In organizations which enact this you often find that the single page batch class has been abandoned as the workers tasked with document preparation, scanning and indexing come to the same conclusion. This is not an absolute but in general unless there are a large number of single page documents the extra batch class is not worth the effort. The follow up to this is when you do have one of these abandoned batch classes it should be deleted. It makes for less confusion for new employees being trained for scanning operations, and does away with wasted time spent on the non used batch classes being upgraded and tested during system upgrades.

Jeff Doyle
Senior Systems Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.