Serendipitous Cerebration (Part 2 – Project Planning)

Serendipitous Cerebration as a problem solving technique can only be applied in the rare cases when normal logical troubleshooting has failed.  As much as we hate to admit it, when all logical problem solving avenues have been exhausted and our troubleshooting prowess to a flummoxed state of tentation, this is when we begin to enter the realm where serendipitous cerebration hides in dark, dank crevasses.  In reviewing this project, our hopes are that you can see how the process of Serendipitous Cerebration can develop.

The Project was to integrate a line of Accounting Software (PeachTree) to an Imaging Document Repository (ILINX®Content Store).  The purpose for the integration was to speed the process of document retrieval.  We selected ILINX Integrate to work as a gangplank stretching out from the PeachTree Galleon to the ILINX Content Store docks for the transferring of cargo, Account Payable and Account Receivable (AP and AR) Customer and Invoice Numbers for a seamless document look up.  The mechanism for initiating the document retrieval process will be a set of floating pop up buttons, one for AP & one for AR.  So when an end user opens an invoice in PeachTree, the type of invoice is recognized and prompts a “Magic Button” to materialize like a Superhero to save the day (think Batman and gadgets, cause gadgets are cool.  Unfortunately this has no real relation to this project).  One button press and clickety-clack you’re looking at the requested document in a browser window.

Once we understood what the involved components were, what the final expected behavior of said components should be, and set our timelines, and formulated a plan of attack, we were ready to get started on the construction phase.  So please stay tuned for the next thrilling installment in this 5 part series!

Co Authors: Random Kurt-Patrick, Duncan McParks & John Hart
ImageSource Inc.