Solutions for Student Services

Automate the capture and processing of incoming student information and integrate with existing systems to create a complete, secure student record that can be accessed from any department.

Webinar: Advanced Transcript Processing automate data extraction, checklists & credit calculation

Learn how universities are utililzing ECM software for hands-free, intelligent processing.

  • Reduce time to process transcripts from six weeks to as little as two days
  • Intelligent capture technology identifies transcript type, extracts data and injects it into ERP system
  • System manages lost or late documents and information, informing student and staff via automatic email alerts
  • Minimize incomplete applications, and delayed or denied acceptance
  • Improve communication between applicants and staff to better meet stringent submission deadlines and response time
  • Transcript data is delivered to admissions staff in a web form, where credits can be approved or denied and automatically calculated

Accelerate enrollment determination with automated transcript processing

Processing a student application is tricky. It's time sensitive, yet requires supporting documentation that arrives over a period of time in different formats. ILINX automates the capture of data from incoming transcripts and supporting documentation, sends it through an approval workflow, makes it available through the Student Information System, and auto-calculates credits.

  • Unstructured table data is extracted from transcripts (both scanned paper and electronic) utilizing advanced intelligent capture (OCR, ICR, etc)
  • TS 130 transactions are automatically generated
  • Workflow events are automatically generated
  • Event rules proactively manage the process with automatic email reminders to applicants and staff, and updates to the SIS with new information
  • Transcript data is viewable from within SIS or ERP by simply clicking a button
  • Credits earned and GPA are easily analyzed via a web form, while credits are totaled with a simple click using a transfer credit calculator
San Jose State University ECM Solution

SJSU phases in ECM with student info system integration, requisition to PO process & advanced transcript automation

SJSU recognized the advantages of  the enterprise concept of information management. The institution now has a true n-Tier ECM system that has the ability to ingest and retrieve all content types and integrate with SIS and other legacy systems.

Read full case study here >

Facilitate the exchange of student information across multiple department & campuses

An ILINX web-based solution allows you to manage your documents centrally, yet make them available anywhere to credentialed users. Share, collaborate, edit, and search for critical student information directly from your repository, from an internal or public-facing portal, or from a button embedded in any system used on campus.

  • Administration
  • Financial Aid
  • Advisors
  • Academic departments
  • Regional campuses
  • Graduate & undergraduate schools
  • ​Find documents and data immediately, even mid-process
  • Eliminate costs associated with paper: routing, mailing & storage
  • Get information into your system quicker, make decisions faster and improve your competitive edge
  • Highly configurable to control rights for access, editing and sharing
  • Hands-free processing allows you to use staff time for more important tasks

Enhance student service with electronic forms automation

Automate your forms processing with ILINX eForms, the complete solution for you to design, capture, and manage all the forms you use in your business or organization everyday.

  • Enable self-service
  • Convenient, fast responses
  • Rules make them more accurate & complete
  • Integrate with your SIS to auto-fill form fields
  • Feed information into your systems, real-time
  • Enable the uploading of documents from any device
  • Capture free form ink: notes, signatures & diagrams
  • Eliminate data entry mistakes and rework, save time & resources
  • Reduce costs associated with paper shipping, tracking and replacement of lost documents
  • Configure notification settings and tracking

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