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Listening to the Machine

I was chatting with Sophia Marchi, the director of sales for the Americas for BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Scanners at our recent Nexus event. She had just delivered a great break-out on scanner selection criteria and we started talking about how the users need to have input on scanner selection – they really know what […]

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Tuning ECM Capture Systems – Is It Optional?

Recognizing forms and then performing successful OCR and ICR is a result of careful planning.   Then comes plenty of testing during development, exploiting every advantage you can discover.  Once rolling, are the results what you expect?  All of that testing should ensure the answer is YES.  But if they are falling short of expectation, it’s […]

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Good Support Ticket Habits

You’re working along and go to retrieve an image, nothing comes back.  You click the link again, and again, and again till you finally receive an error message.  Here you are, faced with a single “OK” button message box containing a conglomeration of paths, error codes, object ID’s, ect. that seems to defy all logic […]

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