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5 Reasons You Need to Meet in Person

I have been with ImageSource now going on 9 years, any of my peers that know me have always heard me say at various meetings: e mail, Voicemail, Tweeting, Facebook are all great sales tools, but that is exactly what they are – TOOLS. There is no substitute for Face-to-Face meetings. I recently came across […]

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The Give and Take in Your Relationships

This week I thought I would take the blog post in a different direction.  Usually, we are focusing specifically on a technical topic and providing recommendations, solutions, theories and rants related to a topic.  I would like to take a step back from the granular technical details and talk about relationships.  Now I am not […]

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Good Support Ticket Habits

You’re working along and go to retrieve an image, nothing comes back.  You click the link again, and again, and again till you finally receive an error message.  Here you are, faced with a single “OK” button message box containing a conglomeration of paths, error codes, object ID’s, ect. that seems to defy all logic […]

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