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Right way….wrong way

As with pretty much everything in life there is a right way to do something, and there is a wrong way to do something.  Unfortunately, it is often accompanied by that annoying “grey area” where it “sometimes” works.  This is an ever present problem when implementing and supporting hardware and software solutions.

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Match Fields Early when Designing an Imaging Solution

When building an enterprise level imaging system, one of the most important early tasks is matching up the fields in the solution. A typical ERP imaging solution has fields in the following functional areas: Scan and validation Image repository Workflow template Temporary tables for line items and custom forms EBS tables Looking at the big […]

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Support: A day in the life of.

Recently Random and I were going over our daily activities, which can include internal support, Client support, and project work, and we were discussing how scattered and at times hectic our days can end up. We put together a list of events that could happen on any given day. This shows how techs covering several […]

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Is It Time to Take Your Workflow In For a Checkup?

Almost every business has documents that go through some kind of work process such as expense reports and application processing that uses some kind of Business Process Management [BPM].  BPM is generally defined as a systematic approach to improving and automating an organization’s business processes and workflows.  These workflows may be core to your business […]

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The System Engineer Tool Belt and Problem Solving

Quite often, System Engineers are called upon to solve unusual problems. The greater our depth of knowledge about various technologies, the greater our problem solving ability. My primary technology tool belt consists of knowledge in document capture, business workflow, enterprise content management, web development, .NET programming and web services, ERP Accounts Payable systems, and several […]

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