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The benefits of distributed scanning and capture

Distributed scanning and capture provides employees the ability to scan or capture information from individual stations and file the documents in a shared folder or into a central location. The documents are captured and indexed at the source, generally by the department or workgroup that created them and where the workflow is initiated. Distributed capture […]

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ECM Best Practices: Document Capture & Metadata Collection

The term “Data Strategy” and can be used to understand strategic requirements for enterprise metadata concepts and best practices.  Why is this important for an ECM solution?  The simple answer is why contribute to the disarray of an organizations data management when implementing an ECM solution. The key to a successful ECM system is the […]

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The Simple Act of Document Scanning – It’s Not So Simple…

Many people think that scanning documents only requires putting it in the feeder tray and pressing “scan”, but there are many steps that need to be followed when scanning documents into your Document Management System.  Documents come in many shapes, thickness, sizes, and conditions, so the first step is to properly prepare the documents for […]

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